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International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

We buy and sell collectable, rare and scholarly books from every century of printing and on all the Humanities, with an antiquarian focus on Early Printing, Greek and Latin texts, Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages & Renaissance, and British History & Topography. We trade by printed catalogue and e-list, website and online market-places.

Freephone: 0800 055 6650
Mobile: 07802 875469.

Catalogue 30 is now available to download or by post
E-list: E16. A Complete Set of Valpy Delphin Classics

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We will be exhibiting at:

Nov. 4-5
Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair, Kings Road, SW3
Nov. 13
Bloomsbury Book Fair, Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, WC1
Dec. 9-11
25th International Antiquarian Book Fair, Cultuurcentrum
Feb. 10-12
50th California International Antiquarian Book Fair, Marriott City Center