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Author: Quintus Smyrnaeus:

Title: [Greek text] Ilias Kointu Smyrniau; seu Quinti Calabri paraleipomena, id est, derelicta ab Homero, XIV libris.. correcta a Laurentio Rhodomano. [With:] In Q. Calabri, seu Cointi Smyrnaei Paralipomenon Libros XIV. Cl. Dausqueii Adnotamenta.

Publication: Hanover: Typis Wechelianis apud Claudium Marnium & heredes Ioannis Aubrii, [and] Frankfurt: In offic 1604; 1614.

Description: 2 vols. bound as 1, 8vo., pp. [xxxii] 709 [lxxvii] 283 [iii]; [xvi] 309 [i]. A wormtrail in last 5 leaves touching a few characters with no significant loss of sense. Light toning, a little spotting. Contemporary vellum boards, long sides overlapping, spine lettered in ink, slightly soiled.

Also known as the 'Posthomerica', the first edition of this expansion of the Iliad (taking as its starting point the death of Hector and relating the rest of the Trojan war) had appeared from the Aldine press in 1505. This scholarly edition was edited by Lorenz Rhodoman (1546-1606), professor of Greek and history at Jena and Wittenberg. Bound with it is notes on the text by the Jesuit Claude Dausque (1566-1644).

Bibliography: VD17 3:004717X; 32:631388P.

Reference Number: [33536]

Price: £500

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