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Author: Antoninus Liberalis; Xylander, Wilhelm (ed.):

Title: [Metamorphoseon Synagoge] Transformationum Congeries [...]

Publication: Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden]: apud Sam. et Joan. Luchtmans, 1774.

Description: Large 8vo, pp. [32], 304, [20] + added frontispiece with small engraved arms of Amsterdam with name of student. With engraved title vignette, woodcut initials and ornaments. Occasional slight browning, intermittent very light foxing. Contemporary Dutch vellum, single gilt ruled, gilt centrepieces with arms of Amsterdam to boards, small gilt arms of Amsterdam to corners, gilt arms of Amsterdam to spine, four original silk ties. Prize book certificate addressed to the schoolboy Isaac Orobio de Castro and signed by the master H. Verheyk in 1774.

Sumptuously bound copy - a prize book signed and presented by the master of the school, and editor of this work, Heinrich Verheyk. 'A most excellent edition.' (Dibdin) The 'Metamorphoseon' - mythological prose stories of transformations caused by avenging Greek deities - is the only extant work by the grammarian Antoninus Liberalis (c. 2nd century). This edition includes the notes of Wilhelm Xylander, first published in 1568, as well as others by Heinrich Verheyk, head of the Latin school in Amsterdam. The schoolboy Isaac Orobio de Castro to whom this book was bestowed was probably a descendant of the namesake Portuguese Jewish philosopher, who died in 1687 in Amsterdam, where he had moved and made a public profession of Judaism.

Bibliography: Dibdin I, 268; Ebert 752.

Reference Number: [53360]

Price: £325


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