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Author: Cook, S. A.; Adccock, F. E.; Charlesworth, M. P.; Baynes, N. H. (eds.):

Title: The Cambridge Ancient History: Volume XII. The Imperial Crisis and Recovery A.D. 193-324.

Publication: Cambridge University Press, 1981.

Description: 8vo., pp. xxx, 849 + maps, plans and table. Hardback: burgundy cloth, gilt-lettered to spine. Edges mildly dust-stained but contents very good. Dust-jacket, just a hint of sun-fading to spine and dustiness to white back cover, edges creased with several small nicks and one 1cm closed tear to top edge of front cover, still good.

First published 1939, with four reprints before this one in 1981.


Reference Number: [53909]

Price: £40


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